Scientific Research

I have found a great deal of Scientific Research Papers referring to the various aspects of low carb dieting.

A good site with loads of info on Cholesterol

Here you can read about Insulin

This page explains all about Polyols and the role they play in a low carb diet.

This document is about water and Superhydration

Here you can read about the benefits of taking Potassium

Adiposity 101 is a very long and infomative document, I printed all 143 pages and handed it to my doctor when he disagreed with me about the benefits of low carb diets.

This article is about Obesity and Diet it was written in 1958 and recommends a low carb diet.

This article is about the Science of Fat

Here is some interesting information about loose skin

Here you get a better understanding of Nutrition

Here you can find the nutritional values of Eggs , Cheese and Fish oils

This site is informative if you snore, have trouble sleeping or think you have the disorder called Sleep Apnea

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