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Low carb dieting is not a new fad, it has been around for many years, long before low fat diets. Thirty years ago if you wanted to lose weight you cut out the potatoes, pastry and biscuits and reduced the bread. Nowadays low fat diets are the norm, but if you take out the fats you lose the flavour, all processed low fat foods have added sugar so a low fat diet makes you gain weight. This is because the body requires energy and sugar is the first thing the body uses, give it sugar and it will store the fats for a rainy day, if you stop eating sugar the next easiest to transform is the carbohydrates. Cut out the carbs and the body then has to convert the fats. The first few days of a low carb diet are probably the hardest because the body will crave the carbs. Most people are unwittingly addicted to carbohydrates, they don't realise this until they try to reduce or cut them out.
If you are interested in Low Carb Dieting, or have started the diet and need support, this is the place to come in the UK.
Go to Getting Started for a list of things to do to prepare for this new way of life.

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